Party with a Local animated Explainer Video

Party with a Local is a free smart phone app that connects travelers and locals that want to party.

Zarinmedia designed and produced a 60 second animated Explainer video to help Party with a Local quickly and effectively communicate the value of their app.

The style is a fun, modern, and quick paced 2d animation, coupled together with a professional voice over narration of the message as well as a lighthearted soundtrack.

Loop Initiatives IRIS Interactive Chart

Project Description:

The commercial engineering company Halsall comissioned Zarinmedia to produce an interactive Flash chart, which takes all its content dynamically from their client database. (via xml)

The client describes the application as:

“The Loop IRIS (Integrated Rating Indicator for Sustainability) is a dynamic tool used to goal-set, track progress, and visually report on sustainability initiatives to all stakeholders.

Divided into 4 quadrants, Energy & Atmosphere, Community & Prosperity, Natural Environment, and Materials & Consumables – the Loop IRIS will enable companies to accurately access what progress is needed and how any changes will impact their overall level of sustainability in a clear and concise manner.”




Click here to view the project on the Zarinmedia production server
Click here to view the project’s xml data structure