NRG Exhibits Oak Island Treasure Hunt Adventure Game

Project Description:

The client needed a themed game for the launch of a museum exhibit about treasure. One of the themes in the exhibit was the phenomenon of Oak Island, the so called Treasure Island that has had numerous digs over the years in search of pirate treasure.

Due to limited budget, we suggested to use Zarinmedia’s adventure game engine, essentially focusing the resources on developing the content and illustration.

In this project Zarinmedia collaborated with an associate illustrator for some game illustration. However all design, game-play, and some illustration was produced in-house.








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Click here to view the project’s xml data structure Valentines Day Rich Media Promotion

Project Description:

The theme behind this promotion was to celebrate singlehood on V-day. The statement: “This is how we do it at Lavalife” characterizes the campaign’s marketing direction. In this component 5 photos of single employees and their V-day plans provides everyday users with a peek into the company while humanizing the brand.

Zarinmedia organized and executed an onsite photo shoot at LavaLife corporate offices, provided graphic/motion design, and final development of the trackable web component using Flash.



ShareQuest Community Xmas Ecard Game

Project Description:

Based on our Flash adventure game engine, Zarinmedia produced this multi organization Xmas greeting card for 13 of Toronto’s most prominent new-media and business associations.

The campaign goal was for all participating associations and sponsors to benefit from the cross traffic generated, while bringing focus and attention to Canada’s leading non-profit charity donation ecommerce engine (

We estimate in excess of 10,000 emails were sent out during the holiday season, greeting various association members with holiday wishes leading up to Xmas. This campaign resulted in 3300+ visitors, out of which 840 players completed the game (in 112 hours!) and signed guestbook entries.

Please note this game engine is available to be licensed for your company’s online promotion, please contact us for more details.